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Staying closer, giving more value to your words

Wind presents "Papà," their first short film

After talking about transparency, clarity and simplicity, Wind has created their fourth episode telling you about the most important value that our brand is founded on: staying close.
To really talk to someone, sometimes you just need to talk face to face, in person. Wind is promoting this message with a genuine piece of cinema, a moving and delicate short film inviting eveyone to stay closer and communicate their feelings more, because sometimes meeting up is better than any email or phone call. Because technology is powerful, but it can't do everything.
On the other hand, the issue is both universal and very current: in recent years, debate has been raging over the consequences of ever more pervasive technology in our lives and relationships. With this operation, Wind is taking a stance in favour of staying close to people and their real feelings.
The film shows how the protagonist decides to make a journey to talk to his father, who he hasn't seen for a long time.

If you're thinking about really talking to someone who you care about, watch this little bit of cinema.

A volte per comunicare davvero, la tecnologia non è tutto