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Today, being closer to people also means paying attention to the environment. Ever since Wind was founded 14 years ago, we have always operated with ISO 14001 environmental certification. Over the years we have paid particular attention to managing electric energy use, waste disposal, managing our vehicle pool and personnel mobility.
From May to September 2014, we have conducted an analysis of our CO2 emissions together with experts from the WWF. This analysis has showed that more than 90% of our emissions are generated by the electricity used by our telecommunications network, and confirmed Wind's position as one of the most efficient operators in terms of energy use in the Italian telecommunications market. The same kind of efficiency that has allowed us to stay "closer" to our customers, offering them the best value for money over the years.
In the next five years we will be investing a further €15 million in energy efficiency, allowing us to reduce the relative emissions by 54% (Tons of CO2 per Gigabyte of data traffic). We are also increasing the amount of renewable energy we purchase, bringing it to 70% of the total.

Telecommunications technology can make a significant contribution towards improving the way we produce and use energy, making it compatible with the resources of a single planet. This is another reason why we will be continuing to monitor our emissions in partnership with WWF, with joint initiatives to raise awareness among Wind employees and support WWF campaigns.