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Reducing atmospheric emissions

Wind has long been on the front line in combating and reducing atmospheric emissions of CO2. In particular, Wind is committed to cut its energy consumption and increase the use of green and sustainable technology to limit emissions and reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, by allowing us to manage and exchange information in real time by remote, telecommunications technology makes it easier to introduce the changes in our homes and workplaces that we need to construct a more sustainable future. In WIND's case, the two biggest reasons of electric energy use are keeping our offices and facilities running and the operation of the telecommunication services infrastructure (antennas, control centres, etc.).

The Wind in the Sun Project

The Wind in the Sun Project was launched in 2008 with the aim of creating innovative photovoltaic systems in telephone centrals. To date, we have created facilities in Rome, Palermo, Bari, Molfetta, Taranto and Foggia. Thanks to the innovative solutions installed, the new sites have allowed us to reduce our emissions by around 410 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Energy savings

The offices, branches and technological facilities where Wind staff work are subjected to monthly energy efficiency monitoring. Over the last few years, numerous steps have been taken to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, including: • replacing employee monitors with energy saving models; • installing filter films on glass surfaces; • using movement sensors for lighting. In our technology sites, the main changes made between 2012 and 2013 involved: • modernising our facilities and introducing more efficient technology in all our plants; • replacing conditioning with "free cooling" systems, which allow us to reduce energy use by over 50%; • reducing electricity generation groups by more than 50% and replacing them with systems that have a lower environmental impact.

The new Molfetta Data Centre

The new Molfetta Data Centre, which we began to install in 2012 and will be fully operational by the end of 2014, was built with the aim of constructing a highly efficient Data Centre in terms of energy use, using a series of very advanced technological and environmental solutions. These include a photovoltaic system that will provide the Data Centre with around 295,000 kWh/year, a ventilated roof underneath the photovoltaic panels, which are built into the building's structure, high efficiency UPS (uninterruptable power supplies), and a water cooling AC system set up for direct free cooling.

Sustainable Mobility

Wind pursues a policy of sustainable mobility which has led, among other things, to a renewal of the company car fleet, with an increase in the numbers of hybrid fuel vehicles and the introduction of the possibility for employees of using some electric cars in a car-sharing scheme. The emissions from the car pool are constantly monitored and the company ensures that the most advanced emission reduction technologies are used. Furthermore, employees who use the company car pool are provided with recommendations for eco-friendly driving. Lastly, we also have a system of conventions with public transport to encourage Wind people to use more eco-friendly methods of travelling between home and work.