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The non profit Consortium called “Dono Per…” founded on  March 30th 2015 whose associates are Telecom, Vodafone and Wind is opened to all Italian TLC and it has as object, the use of the charity short numbers for donations (455xy). The fundraising has been done by respecting the current regulations.
Dono Per… has been thought to answer the needs of the non profit Associations and with the goal to bring new instruments and technology skills to accompany the smaller associations to an educational growth. The main goal is to manage fundaraising for non profit Associations and for political parties and all the potential profits will be allocated in social projects or reinvested in social activities.

What remains unchanged
All customers donations through short numbers will be entirely devolved to ONLUS.

What changes
Dono per… will ask the ONLUS a 2% recharge fee for additional services that the operators have implemented to meet the needs of a development market and to answer the requests of the ONLUS.
From the 1st of October all fundraising requests should be sent to Dono per: