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Wind pays great attention to themes of interest in the community, such as the issues associated with the phenomenon of electromagnetism, commonly known as “high frequency electromagnetic fields”, and the potential risks of exposure related to radiation from sources of electromagnetic fields.  

In Italy, current legislation is based on the principle of caution, meaning that exposure to any external agent which may cause harm should be avoided.

Wind goes one step further, applying a policy to measure and monitor electromagnetic fields, along with constant technological modernisation of systems and plants in collaboration with local authorities and correct urban planning. The measurements are taken by both Wind technicians and external experts, who perform sampling and analysis in full compliance with regulations, national and international standards. Furthermore, all the monitoring equipment used is regularly maintained and calibrated in order to ensure the quality of the data obtained

Real Time Monitoring of Magnetic Fields

From 2008, the ElaWind Consortium in collaboration with the European Telecommunications School and the Environmental Science Department of the University of Naples has launched a program in the Puglia region to control and monitor magnetic fields.

The project, which only covers Wind in Puglia, has identified more than 300 sensitive sites in Puglia provincial capitals and taken more than 400 measurements of magnetic fields in the territory, which has a resident population of more than one million.

Constant monitoring has been performed since 2008 only in the municipalities of Bari and Molfetta, and the results can be viewed in real time online by any citizen at: