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Environmental Certification

Since 2000, Wind has been using an Environmental Management System that complies with UNI EN ISO 14001 standards.

This regulation certifies that the company has a management system capable of keeping the environmental impact of its activities under control, while systematically searching for ways to improve it in a coherent, efficient and sustainable manner. 

The most important “environmental targets” are to design, install and use fixed and mobile network equipment with low environmental impact in terms of electromagnetic, visual and acoustic emissions; the separation and recycling of special waste; preventing air or soil pollution and energy saving in sites. 

In order to maintain these results, Wind has set up a monitoring system based on a series of indicators which include the periodical and structured collection of data in order to check that performance is in line with annual targets.

We have successfully performed numerous projects and initiatives regarding specific environmental issues (e.g. waste management and separation, use of recycled paper, electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems, green procurement, etc.).