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Wind’s values are clarity, transparency and simplicity – it’s in our DNA. 
This is shown by the range of initiatives that have been running ever since the company was founded, making Wind operating methods and information openly available. For example, Wind has published a Sustainability Report for nearly ten years, making not only our financial results but also our social and environmental achievements transparent. 
For the last 12 years, Wind has had an externally audited Environmental Certification System, and in 2005 was the first Italian TLC operator to introduce an Integrated Certification System (Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility), the results of which are available to the public, guaranteeing that our operating methods are both ethical and safe.
Furthermore, Wind bases their activities on constant dialogue with everyone who has an interest in the company, our so-called “Stakeholders”: above all, our clients, but also Consumer Associations, Employees, the Financial Community, Trade Unions, Institutions, the Public, Suppliers and Partners, evaluating all of their requirements and proposals for improvement.

For this reason, clarity and transparency are also at the centre of the structure of our services themselves.

Our services: transparency is the key feature of the services offered by Wind. Our customers can choose the solution they prefer for communicating, with no surprises. Wind call rates have no connection charge and we only count the actual seconds of your conversation. This is Wind’s “Minuto Vero”, which guarantees you always know exactly how many seconds you’ve used, and how much you’re spending.

For example, if you make a 70 second call you will only be charged for the 70 seconds you actually used, without any advance or connection charges. Wind offers allow you to use all the seconds included in the calling plan you chose, accurately and in complete transparency.

The same transparency applies to our Internet offers. A few years ago, Wind anticipated the market by relegating by-the-minute charges to the past, and offering unlimited navigation according to how much the customer uses the connection (so-called fair usage policy). This model was first rolled out for smartphone connection, with the "Internet No Stop" offer, and later for PC connection with the "Mega Unlimited" offer.

With this solution, customers never run into extra costs for internet connection, and can get the best out of their smartphone.

Traffic used: Wind offers our customers a wide range of solutions, allowing you to always keep the terms of your offer, your minutes and your remaining credit under control.

You can check all the offers and promotions active on your number at any time or activate the latest Wind offers directly online, completely free of charge, with a simple text or through your online account. In the same way, you can keep your traffic under control and check how much credit you have left. Wind was also the first operator to offer customers real-time access to their charges and remaining credit automatically at the end of each call.

For customers using smartphones and tablets, MyWind is the app that offers you an easy and simple way to check, manage and customise your mobile line, see how much you've spent and your remaining credit, top-up, change your offer or activate promotions. MyWind also helps you to find the closest Wind Sales Point to where you are and receive special offers.